Hinterland blog: Volunteering – Rebecca Powrie

Get to know our Engagement Coordinator, Rebecca Powrie, who is currently hard at work recruiting a team of volunteers to help us bring Hinterland to life.

“I am always interested to hear why people volunteer, be that to find new friends, give something back, learn new skills or to be involved in local projects.  It has been great travelling around the local community and further afield to talk about the activities people would like to be involved in at Kilmahew / St Peter’s.  What is nice about this project is it offers so many different volunteering experiences and being a part of a large-scale event always brings together great teams of people.

I answered our office door the other week to find a very keen community member, who had travelled from the west coast to see us.  It was lovely to see the enthusiasm to be involved in Hinterland, and although it is very rude to ask someone their age, this particular volunteer signed up at a spritely 81 years old (didn’t look a day over 60!).  Interestingly, on the other end of the age spectrum, we have had many 18 year olds sign up.  It’s great to see such a lovely mix of people wanting to get involved.

I am really looking forward to our Welcome day in February next year, where I get to meet all our supportive volunteers.  This will be a great behind the scenes meet and greet for our teams, plus we will have some fun activities that will get everyone talking and sharing.

If you’ve never volunteered before, I’d say face your fears and give it a go.  It’s never as scary as you think and what you get back from being involved in an event this size is enormous satisfaction, plus some new friends along the way.  For the many people who have already signed up, I look forward to hearing all about what you want to get out of this unique experience.

Let’s do this team Hinterland!

If you’d like to experience something new, gain new skills and meet new people in 2016, join Rebecca and our team of wonderful volunteers by signing up for one of our many opportunities today at volunteer.nva.org.uk
Hinterland blog: Volunteering – Rebecca Powrie